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The Mandalorian Reminds Us That It Is About Parenthood

Baby Yoda and Mando in The Mandalorian season 2 trailer.

**Spoilers for the most recent episode of Disney+’s The Mandalorian lie within.**

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When you break down The Mandalorian, it’s simple: It’s a show about parenthood. But this week’s episode did a great job of showing us that by bringing in a fun lizard/frog lady into Mando’s life made his relationship with Baby Yoda even more like a father/son.

Peli Motto (Amy Sedaris) gives Din information about Mandalorians on a different planet for free. Well, sort of. He has to transport a frog woman to her husband on a different planet so he can fertilize her eggs. The problem is that he can not go into hyperspace to get there, and the two end up stranded on a cold planet and both have to protect their young.

Maybe I love this frog lady? All she does is sit in her seat, protect her eggs, and then decide to go find a hot spring and swim with her eggs cause she’s cold. But also this episode just … felt very much like it was meant for this week, without knowing what frame of mind we’d all be in.

First, Baby Yoda is trying to eat these eggs, then Mando is tired the entire time, and they’re all pretty hopeless until two X-Wing pilots come to their rescue. I’m going to pretend those X-Wing pilots are Pennsylvania and Georgia.

For what it was, this “filler” episode was a pretty fun adventure for Mando and Baby Yoda and gave us a look into how their relationship has changed since season 1. When we first met them, Mando felt the need to protect Baby Yoda but clearly didn’t want the Child around. Slowly, they grew together, and now we’re at the point where Baby Yoda cuddles up next Mando when he’s scared and keeps turning back to his Dadalorian.

baby yoda cuddle in the mandalorian

And look, I’m not a parent—and neither is Din Djarin, for that matter—but he’s doing his part to take care of this child that relies on him, and to see that compared to the Frog Lady and her connection to her own eggs, it makes the entire point of The Mandalorian that much clearer.

But then again, that’s Star Wars. At its core, it’s a series about family. We think it’s about some great war and the Republic, but all of that is secondary to the family dynamics we see through each version of the franchise. Whether it is a trilogy or a standalone property, there is some aspect that lends itself back to the idea of what a family is and that includes Din Djarin finding and taking care of the Child without a second thought.

So yeah, this episode had terrifying spider aliens that I DID NOT NEED during Election week, but at least it was an episode of Baby Yoda just needing his Dadalorian.

(image: Lucasfilm)

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