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Here’s What I Want From This Rumored Mandalorian Video Game

A man and his son (Din Djarin and Grogu) hanging out, on Disney+'s The Mandalorian Star Wars series.

There may be a game for Disney+ and Star Wars’ The Mandalorian coming, and I instantly asked out into the universe for it to be like The Sims so I could live on the Razor Crest with Din Djarin and Grogu. Hopefully, the game developers don’t listen to me. (Or maybe they should, because I’d love to see Din Djarin try to get out of a room completely walled up, speaking a language that does not exist. Maybe even accidentally catching himself on fire.)

According to, leaker Nick Baker noted that there was a Funko of the Mandalorian himself on the shelf of someone important … Phil Spencer, the head of Xbox, who loves to tease what’s coming with little hints in the decorations visible in his Zoom calls. So, the inclusion of a Funko of Din Djarin does bode well for the hope of a game about the popular Disney+ series. There have been whispers for a while about a game based on the series, but nothing set in stone.

So what do I, personally, want out of a game based on one of my favorite television shows? Well, I’d take a whole game based around rescue missions/recon missions like the show. For the most part, The Mandalorian has a simple format: Din Djarin needs information and the people with that info need his help. So he does their mission, gets the info and continues on to the next bit. Where it changes is when something happens to Grogu, which then makes it a rescue mission or information he needs to get for the rescue mission.

So really just the perfect kind of setup for a game, if we’re being honest. I grew up with games like GoldenEye or something like Mario Kart where there weren’t really elements of gameplay that altered the story that much. Now, games are a lot different and I’d frankly love to have a game for The Mandalorian that explores all of these planets that Din Djarin goes to in his quest to return Grogu to the Jedi.

Will the game continue into season 3 as Din rules Mandalore? Who knows? I just like the idea of a simple mission-based game that works as a companion piece for the show. Or maybe even a “prequel” of sorts and show us Din before he fell into fatherhood and became the himbo king of Mandalore I love so much.

But one thing is for sure: I want this game to focus on Din Djarin. As someone who loves Grogu (no really, I have three different Grogu dolls and just bought a Grogu romper. I love that little green guy), I don’t want a game focused around him. Not when there is a badass Mandalorian who can kick in doors and take out like 4 dudes all by himself.

Actually, who am I kidding? If you made an Animal Crossing-esque game where it was just the Razor Crest instead of an island, I’d also play that. I just want to exist with Din Djarin and Grogu in some capacity.

(via, image: Lucasfilm)

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