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The Mandalorian’s “the Tragedy” Set up a Perfect Way to End Season 2

Baby Yoda and Mando in The Mandalorian season 2 trailer.

We’re down to the wire on Disney+’s The Mandalorian, and with only eight episodes this season, the sixth episode titled “The Tragedy” had a lot to unpack. And fans should be excited for what the episode set up for the rest of this season.

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So buckle in and let’s talk about the coolest development on The Mandalorian yet!

**Spoilers for The Mandalorian episode “The Tragedy” lie within.**

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Going to be completely honest: It took A LOT for me to not make my headline “HE’S ASSEMBLING A MOTHERF**KING CREW,” but alas, I didn’t want to spoil anything. But that’s right, kids. The entire season, it felt like Din Djarin had changed his tune. In the first season, Din was originally focused on getting his bounty. Then, after finding the Child, his goal was to return him. But when he fell in love with the kid, he switched to protecting him, and he didn’t care who he met along the way.

But all those people? All those meetings? They helped him gain a circle of people he could trust, and that bled into how he has interacted with people throughout all of season 2. From Cobb Vanth to Ahsoka and now to Boba Fett himself, Din is more willing to listen and accept the help of those around him, and they’re willing to do it because whenever he was with them, he stopped and helped them in whatever ways he could.

This episode was a lot to unpack, and not just because Grogu was sitting up on a rock and connecting with the Force. Though that was cool and I would have just sat there the entire episode, there were bigger fish to fry. As Grogu is connecting with the Force, Din tries to get him out of it when he sees a ship arrive (but never says his name?! I yelled “JUST SAY GROGU” like three times).

Stuck in his little Force bubble, Grogu basically cannot help him at all. So, Din goes to investigate who has come to Tython behind them. There, he finds Boba Fett asking him for his armor and threatens to use his marksmen friend posted up on the hill. That marksmen? Fennec Shand. This is basically an episode of ghosts, and I loved every single second of it.

But while the ghosts of this episode were fun, I openly screamed twice while watching. One: When Boba Fett gets his armor back because suddenly, the messy Mandalorian who helped Darth Vader was significantly cooler??? and Two: When I realized what Din was doing after Fennec and Boba both agreed to help him get Grogu back.

In the midst of troopers coming and tracking down Din and Grogu, all three (Boba, Fennec, and Din) are trying to push them away so that Grogu can finish whatever he’s doing to connect to the Jedi. The problem is that Moff Gideon sends in the dark troopers and before Din can get back to his son, and he watches as they take him away. (I truly said “NOOOOOO” like a little kid at my TV. I’m almost 30 years old.)

And yes, there is plenty of interesting stuff with the Empire that I’m going to get into at some other point, but the point of this piece is that, finally, Din Djarin is not alone. When Boba asked for his armor back, he made a promise to Din that the Child would be protected. And the moment those words left him mouth, I knew that all the side adventures from this season, all the people that Din and Grogu met along the way, they were all there so that when Din needed their help, they would without question.

That’s what is truly so beautiful about this show is that Din Djarin was, for the most part, a lone wolf, and slowly, he’s started to build his own family, and now, when he needs them to help him save his son, they’re all going to come to his aid.

So yes, I did say, “He’s assembling a f**king crew,” out loud, and I did scream like a little kid at certain points of this episode, but that’s what makes it so good. Star Wars is ingrained in many of us because we’ve watched it since we were kids. I can’t even remember the first time I saw the original trilogy. It’s just … there. So, having these screaming moments? It’s what makes Star Wars so special in the first place.

I cannot wait to see what Din and his crew do to get Grogu back but it is going to be epic.

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