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Man Who Threw a Fit That His Girlfriend’s Graduation Wasn’t Enough About Him Deserves This Roasting

Maury saying you are the asshole

It’s our favorite time of the year (month, week, day, hour, etc.): When an AITA (Am I The Asshole?) pops up with some dude who is very clearly the asshole in the situation but seems shocked by the idea that what they did was horribly wrong. This time, it is a boyfriend asking the users of Reddit if he is the asshole for Irish-exiting his girlfriend’s graduation because he—and the expensive necklace gift he tried to show off to prove his worth—wasn’t being shown enough attention from her family. L O L.

Imagine, if you will, you’re graduating after getting a master’s degree. You’re so excited to have your boyfriend there to see you walk across the stage with your family and friends, but then you discover that he sneaked out of your graduation because your mother didn’t comment on the fact that he could afford a Tiffany’s necklace and was barely talking to him … given the fact that English isn’t her first language yet he somehow can’t understand why she keeps whispering conversation to translate in your sister’s ear. Well, that’s what happened in this AITA, and the boyfriend in question posted it like people weren’t going to roast him.

The Judgies Podcast shared a clip from their episode on TikTok and told the story of an Am I The Asshole? post, and before it even started, it didn’t seem promising. The question posed was whether or not a boyfriend was an asshole for leaving his girlfriend’s graduation early, and so already, it seemed questionable and just went downhill from there.

The story was filled with racism, elitism, and the kind of dude who is so oblivious to the world around him that yes, he was going to be the asshole no matter what he ended up saying next, and the podcast continued to make fun of him in the best way.

Well, maybe … no, you’re the asshole no matter what

Some of the AITA posts either come across as fake or are a bit more complicated than this, but the more the story went on, the more it sounded depressingly plausible and was obviously not the girlfriend’s fault in any way. This boyfriend decided that he was going to make her graduation about him, and then he got mad when she was rightfully angry? Yeah, that stuff doesn’t fly. It’s happened to me; it sucks. It was her day and her time, and now she’s going to have this memory to go along with her graduation, and that sucks!

The only really truly outlandish part of this is that this man doesn’t seem to see how he’s in the wrong. Throughout the story, he talks about how she gave him plenty of information at the top of this interaction. She told him that her parents were quiet and that her mother’s first language wasn’t English, so the fact that he seemed angry that her sister was translating for her? Already baffling, but then to add on the layer of wanting them to comment on a Tiffany’s box, and what it meant about his financial status and prospective husband abilities, just out of the blue? Before he’d bothered to give it to their daughter?

That all just enforces the fact that this man, who left the graduation by telling her sister that he was going to the bathroom and never coming back, is in fact the asshole no matter what way you spin it, and has probably been listening to too much “Manosphere” advice on what women want on the internet. So girl, go see him and get that necklace and then bounce, because out of this entire situation, you at least deserve the blue box for the nonsense he pulled on your day.

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