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Man Allegedly Steals Game Boys and Games From Boy’s Coffin

A 37-year-old Pennsylvanian, Jody Lynn Bennett, is wanted by police for allegedly stealing a Game Boy and a Game Boy Light out of the coffin of the boy pictured to the left, Bradley David-McCombs Jr., who died in a car accident on Christmas morning when he lost control of his SUV and slammed into a pole.

Bennett reportedly stole the Game Boys and three games from the coffin during a public viewing at a funeral home, and before he drove away, Bradley’s uncle, Robert McCombs Jr., approached Bennett and asked him about the stolen items. Bennett said he didn’t have them, but then handed them over after Robert McCombs pointed out that he could see the Game Boy inside the car. After the Game Boy was returned, Bradley’s father, Bradley D. McCombs, noticed the other missing items. He apparently called Bennett, but Bennett told him not to call again and hung up.

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Bennett has a criminal record involving drinking and drugs. Bennet faces accounts of abuse of a corpse, desecration, disorderly conduct, harassment, institutional vandalism, receiving stolen property, theft, and theft or sale of venerated objects, all of which are misdemeanors.

So, it wasn’t enough that Bradley David-McCombs Jr. died on Christmas morning, someone had to steal some of his beloved items that were placed in his casket.

(The Tribune-Democrat via Gawker)

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