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Wait, Who Just Said “Nightwing” In Connection to Man of Steel 2?

Don't Panic

On Friday we shared with you the rumor that three actresses could be in consideration for a role in the Man of Steel sequel, and while that role might just be a generic female lead, it also might be Wonder Woman.

Replace “actresses” with “actors,” “generic female lead” with “Batman sidekick,” and “Wonder Woman” with “Nightwing,” and you have this story.

The Wrap reports that GirlsAdam Driver is “a serious contender” to play Dick Grayson, aka Nightwing, who in the movie will (for a rumor-y value of “will”) have been estranged from Batman for several years. There are reportedly at least two other actors being considered for the role, though there’s no mention of who they are.

Latino Review was the first to report the rumor that Nightwing may be in the film at all (so have your grain of salt, etc.), and according to them the studios is looking for a “young John Hawkes-type.” Driver certainly fits the bill on that account, though “young John Hawkes” doesn’t exactly scream “superhero” to me. But hey, I don’t really know Nightwing, so maybe that’s a magical association to make. And, again, all of this may turn out to be wrong with a side of false and a sprinkling of “uh, no” on top.

But, assuming for the moment that Nightwing will be in the Man of Steel sequel, do you think Driver is a good choice? Or would you rather lie on the ground in front of the entrance to Warner Bros.’ corporate offices and refuse to leave until Joseph Gordon-Levitt gets the role? How do you feel about the movie just plopping us down in the middle of this character’s story? Do you want him to be there at all?

(via: The Wrap)

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