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The Cut Flips the Gender Script, Asks 15 Male Celebs If They Identify as Feminists


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In a bid to ask male celebrities some of the go-to questions always given to their female peers, The Cut asked Jason Momoa, Salman Rushdie, Desmin Borges, Michael Stuhlbarg, Gaspar Noé, Anthony Mackie, Cheyenne Jackson, Harrison Ford, Zachary Quinto, Kelsey Grammer, Phil Donahue, Denis O’Hare, Senator Chuck Schumer, Matt McGorry, and Darren Aronofsky whether or not they’re a feminist.

It’s interesting to note that, from the small sample pool of fifteen people, the male celeb ratio of feminists to non-feminists seems comparable to female celebrities’–there are some “I’m more of a humanist,” some “I need to do more research,” and some “duh, of course”s. I also wonder how the media would respond to women answering with as much confidence as some of the men did here (for example, Darren Aronofsky’s answer: “Yes. Absolutely, of course. It’s a stupid question. Sorry.”)

Other answers of note include Harrison Ford’s “Yeah, because I like women and I respect women,” and Anthony Mackie’s “That’s a very strange concept to me, and I don’t think I know enough about it to answer that question.” (Anthony: considering your history of PR snafus includes saying the role of women is to “make daddy a sandwich,” it would probably have been a good move to just say “YES.”)

To see the rest of the men’s replies, head over to The Cut.

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