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The Make-A-Wish Foundation Builds a Little Boy His Own R2-D2 [Video]

I'm In A Glass Case of Emotion

It’s been a rough week, everyone. Between the horrible, horrible attacks on women’s health and a fourth Transformers movie, it feels like it’s been nothing but a barrage of bad vibes all around. But let us fix all that with a sweet, sweet story that is NSFTD — not safe for tear ducts. Because this might get you weepy.

Matthew Grammer is seven years old, from Oklahoma, and undergoing treatment for acute lymphoblastic leukemia. And all he’s ever wanted was to be R2-D2. The Make-A-Wish Foundation learned of his request — and called on Little Mountain Productions of Tulsa to build him his very own rideable R2-D2. As we learned this week, R2-D2 was a really pivotal character in the Star Wars saga. And we’re sure that he’ll play an unforgettable role in Matthew Grammer’s life. We wish him a speedy recovery, and may the Force be with him!

(via io9)

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