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Sadly, Maisie Williams Says She Will Not Return to Doctor Who

Hey, we can still hope she'll pull a Donna and come back way later.



Unfortunately, we won’t be getting an Maisie Williams, in the TARDIS, with as the Doctor, no matter how much she might be up for it.

Of course, Williams was just joking when she said she’d take the role after Peter Capaldi if Idris Elba didn’t want it, but we can hardly blame fans (or ourselves) for having their imaginations stirred and hoping to see more of the Game of Thrones star on Doctor Who in any capacity. Still, all good rumors must come to an end (because we can’t have nice things), and Williams told BANG Showbiz,

I’m not going to be working on Doctor Who again. Everyone’s hyping about it, which is very exciting, but I guess that’s more of a publicity thing. But no, I’m not going to return, I have a lot of other really exciting projects lined up instead.

But hey, that just rules out the foreseeable future. I bet Capaldi didn’t think he was coming back to Doctor Who after he popped up in a season 4 episode, either:


With a show that’s gone on as long as Doctor Who, which recently celebrated its 50th anniversary, there’s no reason for fans to give up hope yet. Anything’s possible when you’ve got all of time and space.

(via CBR, image via BBC)

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