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Updates on Magic: The Gathering‘s Throne of Eldraine, New Booster Packs, and a Camelot x Fairy Tales Crossover Theme

Throne of Eldrane official art cover
After the teaser for Throne of Eldraine, many Magic: The Gathering fans speculated that it would be a fairy-based set, but we were only partly right. Mark Rosewater, at San Diego Comic-Con and on a post on the Making Magic forum, explained that this new October Set, Thrones of Eldraine, is going to be MTG’s twist on the classic Fairy Tales and Arthurian legend genre: “Think Camelot meets Grimms’ Fairy Tales. It’s a high-fantasy medieval world filled with knights and castles along with Magic‘s take on the genre of fairy tales.”

Rosewater also said: “The set began with a very bold vision design, and everyone has stepped up to make a truly memorable Magic set that I can’t wait for you all to experience and play with in its entirety.” It was also revealed that this is the home of Rowan Kenrith and Will Kenrith, who first appeared in Battlebond, who I’ve always dubbed the good Lannister twins of Magic.

Rowan Kenrith Illustrated by Anna Steinbauer

Rowan Kenrith {4}{R}{R}
Legendary Planeswalker — Rowan
+2: During target player’s next turn, each creature that player controls attacks if able.
-2: Rowan Kenrith deals 3 damage to each tapped creature target player controls.
-8: Target player gets an emblem with “Whenever you activate an ability that isn’t a mana ability, copy it. You may choose new targets for the copy.”
Partner with Will Kenrith
Rowan Kenrith can be your commander.
Loyalty: 4
Illustrated by Anna Steinbauer

Will Kenrith Illustrated by Anna Steinbauer

Will Kenrith {4}{U}{U}
Legendary Planeswalker — Will
+2: Until your next turn, up to two target creatures each have base power and toughness 0/3 and lose all abilities.
-2: Target player draws two cards. Until your next turn, instant, sorcery, and planeswalker spells that player casts cost {2} less to cast.
-8: Target player gets an emblem with “Whenever you cast an instant or sorcery spell, copy it. You may choose new targets for the copy.”
Partner with Rowan Kenrith
Will Kenrith can be your commander.
Loyalty: 4
Illustrated by Anna Steinbauer

This set will feature at least one new mechanic, which will have a special card frame, but of the preview card shown there has some dark Goldilocks action happening:

New Frame of Magic Cards

Showcase Frame for Magic: The Gathering Cards

There will also be a new structure for booster packs to come with Throne of Eldraine. In addition to the traditional “Draft Booster,” there will be two other permanent booster pack types: Theme Booster (a 35-card pack consisting of a specific card color, always containing one Rare or Mythic Rare card, with a one in 10 chance for two) and Collector Booster (a more expensive pack that comes with a guaranteed foil Rare card, nine foil Common and Uncommon cards, plus borderless and showcase-style cards).

Magic Spoiler features card art previews, and it all looks truly amazing, my favorites being these three:

Mila Pesic Magic the Gathering art

(Illustrated by Mila Pesic)

This Snow White-inspired art is just so beautiful, and I love the tiny hands coming out from beneath the woman’s hooded cloak. It’s so eerie and beautiful, especially with how red the apple looks against the swampy landscape.

Ryan Pancost Magic the Gathering art

(Illustrated by Ryan Pancost)

Please be King Arthur. Please be King Arthur. Please. Please.

Yongjae Choi Magic Art

(lllustrated by Yongjae Choi)

Please be Lancelot. Please be Lancelot. Please. Please.

Seriously though, I can’t think of a set I’m more excited to play at the moment. Yes, Commander 2019 is due out really soon, and Commander is my jam, but I’m a sucker for a themed deck, and if I can make an entire King Arthur/Knight Blue/White deck, then that is really the greatest gift Wizards could give me right now. Also … the Merfolk deck content we are about to get? *Chef’s kiss.*

We also have two preview cards already out: Arcane Signet and Chulane, Teller of Tales.

arcane-signet illustrated by Dan Scott
Arcane Signet {2}
{T}: Add one mana of any color in your commander’s color identity.
It started as a mere drop of water. The Magic Mirror crystallized it into much more.
Illustrated by Dan Scott

chulane-teller-of-tales Victor Adame Minguez
Chulane, Teller of Tales {2}{G}{W}{U}
Legendary Creature — Human Druid
Whenever you cast a creature spell, draw a card, then you may put a land card from your hand onto the battlefield.
{3}, {T}: Return target creature you control to its owner’s hand.
Illustrated by Victor Adame Minguez

Magic: The Gathering’s Throne of Eldraine is scheduled to release on October 4. Prerelease will occur on September 28 and 29.

(via Channel Fireball, image: Wizards of the Coast)

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