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New Trailer for Mad Max: Stronghold: Lots of Exposition, Not Enough Doof

Shiny and Chrome?


Are you awaiting Mad Max: Stronghold, my friends?

We already knew that the game (due out in September) wasn’t a movie tie-in and would be sadly lacking in Furiosa, but this trailer shows that the Vulvalinis will at least play a role in Stronghold’s world.

I personally felt that Fury Road‘s success lay in its ability to subvert common tropes while simultaneously blowing shit all to hell in the most entertaining way possible; and although shit definitely gets blown all to hell in this trailer, I’m not really interested in the deeper look at Max’s tortured psyche that Stronghold seems to be exploring.

I’m also nervous to see how the game’s female characters will be depicted (other trailers have featured Max getting his smooch on with a young lady). As the Furiosa comic demonstrated, it’s all too easy to take elements that worked successfully in Fury Road and still tell a misogynistic, tired story.

What do you think? Excited for Mad Max: Stronghold?

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