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Mac App Store Already Cracked

One day after the launch of the Mac App Store, the above graphic–which can be seen on Apple’s website–takes on a whole new meaning: The Mac App Store has been cracked, allowing users to pirate any app found in the store after installing a crack called “Kickback.”

Dissident, member of hacker group Hackulous, claims they won’t be releasing the crack until February, essentially due to the amorphous morality many crackers and pirates tend to have:

“We don’t want to release kickback as soon as the [Mac App] Store gets released. I have a few reasons for that.

Most of the applications that go on the Mac App Store [in the first instance] will be decent, they’ll be pretty good. Apple isn’t going to put crap on the App Store as soon as it gets released. It’ll probably take months for the App Store to actually have a bunch of crappy applications and when we feel that it has a lot of crap in it, we’ll probably release Kickback.

So we’re not going to release Kickback until well after the store’s been established, well after developers have gotten their applications up. We don’t want to devalue applications and frustrate developers.”

As mentioned, the odd morality is on display here: Hackulous has a point, in that with the storm of subpar software that will inevitably overrun the App Store, users should be able to try everything before they’re tricked into buying it; however, quality programs that are actually worth a purchase will undoubtedly suffer the most from the crack.

(TorrentFreak via Gadgets DNA via Gizmodo)

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