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Newest Luther Trailer Features a New Foe and an Old Friend

Featuring a gothic cover of Britney Spears’ “Toxic,” the trailer for series five of the BBC show Luther brings us back into the world of Detective Chief Inspector John Luther, played by People’s sexiest man, Idris Elba.

Right now from the trailer, we see that there is yet another creepy baddie for Luther to track down in London, in what will be a four-episode installment in the series. As is typical of Luther, the creep factor is high when you see a man crawling on the floor of what is probably a disgusting bus, to his female victim, who probably just wants to go home and watch Netflix.

It’s not a random series of killing, of course, and so Luther and his team will have to “play dirty.” Expectedly, Luther is told to behave himself, which is “noted,” but considering it’s Luther, there’s probably going to be a lot of him breaking people’s shit. However, the most exciting aspect of the trailer is the literal blink-and-you-miss-it shot of a scarred Ruth Wilson returning as Alice Morgan.

Yes, I am screaming.

Luther is a show that is so deeply over-the-top sometimes that you feel as if you’re on the world’s most psychologically disturbed roller coaster, but through the performances of Idris Elba and the talented ensemble they roll out when this series returns, you know it’ll be a well-acted adventure.

If there were any role that makes you want to see Idris Elba as the lead of his own action film series, it’s Luther, but while he may never be James Bond, I do enjoy that he gets to have a character that allows him to be as brilliant and complex as a Sherlock Holmes, while having the physical presence of a James Bond character. Plus, Alice is back!

But of course, her return could mean appearing for one episode, which is entirely too little of that character and the amazing chemistry she has with Luther. In a world where a lot of female villains are subpar and don’t often get the most interesting backstories, Alice Morgan has always been a refreshing change.

She’s a just a typical malignant narcissist who kills her parents to see if she can get away with it and dreams about becoming a widow. Despite having a meh reaction to series four, especially because it was implied that Alice died, this fifth season seems to be retconning that all away, so all the more reason to look forward to this new season of Luther.

There is no release date yet, but let’s see what the Holiday season will bring?

Who would you rather be the supporting character on BBC’s Sherlock or Luther? The battle of the trench coats.

(image: BBC/Screengrab)

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