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Luke Skywalker’s Pants Up for Auction: Feel Free to Supply Your Own Joke

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These pants may not look like much, kid, but they’ve got it where it counts. And they counted for $36,100.

But lets get the bigger revelation out of the way first: Luke Skywalker wears Levi’s.

Cosplayers and costume designers, why have you never told me this? Luke was just wearing a pair of white Levi’s for the majority of Star Wars: A New Hope, and they went up for auction yesterday in Los Angeles.

I don’t think I’ve ever examined Luke’s costume closely enough to realize, that yeah, those could totally be jeans. After all, that bunching at the knee is just what happens when you wrap your calves, and his waist and crotch are covered by his tunic, so no chance of seeing the pockets, waistband, or fly that says “jeans.” I wonder if Mark Hamill kept his wallet in there, or like, some hard candy. Or the keys to the moisture ‘vaporator.

Unfortunately for Luke’s self-esteem, the auction house wildly overestimated the value of his pants. They were pre-estimated at $70k-100k, and after thirteen bids, went for about $36k. I guess they just weren’t the pants that very many people were looking for.

May the pants be with you, action winner.


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