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We Can’t Handle Not Knowing Whether Luke and Leia Will Reunite On-Screen

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Vanity Fair pushed out a ton of Star Wars: The Last Jedi news last week, and we were predictably preoccupied with Carrie Fisher’s (and Leia’s) place in all of it. We already know that The Last Jedi didn’t need any changes after her death, but that Episode IX had to basically start over from scratch. The burning question that leaves us with is, “Will Luke and Leia ever get an on-screen reunion?”

They were practically assured to get one by the time the current trilogy of movies ended, but a complete rewrite of IX throws that all into question—at least until we see The Last Jedi, which will give us the answer. The Force Awakens raised more questions than it answered, which was one of the more frustrating aspects of it, since so many of the questions raised ahead of the movie’s release went unanswered by they end. It certainly took its sweet time bringing Luke Skywalker back into the mix, saving him for one final scene, wherein he didn’t even speak and barely moved.

With that in mind, it’s easy to see how Last Jedi could put off bringing the Skywalker twins back together, and Lucasfilm’s commitment to taking their time in laying out these storylines could now cause it to never happen at all. They won’t tell us one way or the other at this point, either, with a Lucasfilm executive explicitly correcting fans on the impression that he’d given away a Last Jedi reunion for the two characters.

At Comic Con Chile, Pablo Hidalgo, a creative executive at Lucasfilm, commented on the characters coming back together, leading to reports that he’d confimed a scene between the two in the movie. However, he took to social media to correct the record and make it clear that he was speaking about the Vanity Fair shoot that had the two characters together, but he wouldn’t confirm or deny anything about whether that’s indicative of what happens on-screen in The Last Jedi.

We hope that’s because it does happen and he just wants to keep us in suspense—even if they just look meaningfully at each other at the end of the movie like Luke and Rey in TFA—because we don’t think we could handle the disappointment of the alternative.

(via HelloGiggles, image: Disney/Lucasfilm/Annie Leibovitz)

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