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‘Love, Death & Robots’ Season 4 Release Window, Cast, Plot, and More

The robots (And love. And death.) are coming. I’m not talking about the ChatGPT episode of Black Mirror. I’m also not talking about New York City mayor Eric Adams’ squadron of police trashcans on wheels. I’m talking about a REAL robot menace.

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I’m talking about the kind of robots that make you feel disgusted, titillated, and totally ready for more. I’m talking about robots from Netflix’s Love, Death & Robots series—the only robots that truly matter in this world. No hard feelings, Siri.

When is season 4 of Love, Death & Robots coming out?

The robot overlords have not told us yet, but we can use our college degrees to make something called a (semi) educated guess. Judging by the fact that the previous three seasons of Love, Death & Robots arrived in spring, one can surmise that the fourth season will likely drop in spring of 2024 or 2025, as well. That’s the sort of cold, logical conclusion that even a robot could support!

Why 2024 or 2025? It’s the robots’ fault. Due to the SAG-AFTRA strikes (where one of the many things protested against was the use of AI in the writers’ room) production schedules for a slew of series were pushed back. It’s possible that the strikes (or rather, Hollywood execs refusal to meet strikers’ demands) could have derailed production on Love, Death & Robots, as well. Just like whether or not sophisticated AI are conscious, we can’t say for sure.

Who’s who in the cast of Love, Death & Robots?

Like the applications for robots in the modern world, the voice acting crew is wide and varied. We know for a fact that voice acting superstar golden boy Nolan North (Nathan Drake from Uncharted and a character in literally every video game and animated series known to man) will be featured in at least one episode. We also know that the series will feature Mary Elizabeth Winstead (Ramona Flowers in Scott Pilgrim), Topher Grace (That ’70s Show), and Maurice LaMarche (Futurama). Other voice actors include Emily O’Brien (The Young and the Restless), Jeff Schine (Resident Evil Village), Chris Cox (Jak and Daxter), Ike Amadi (Mass Effect 3), and Elodie Yung (Daredevil).

What’s the plot(s)?

We don’t know. We do know that—as an anthology series—there will be not one but many plots in Love, Death & Robots season 4! If the previous three seasons are a reference, we know that they will be cerebral, violent, and more than a little sexy! After all, Tim Miller and David Fincher will be returning as producers and will likely direct a few more episodes themselves. Fincher’s season 3 episode “Bad Traveling” was lauded as one of the best episodes of the entire series. They would be fools not to have him direct another episode. Fools, I say!

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