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The Looney Toons Reboot Is Gonna Be Stupid

Cartoon Network is taking a very bold move with its reboot of the Looney Toons franchise: Instead of a professionally made series, the show will actually be the class project for James Cameron Middle School’s 3-D animation after-school class. Wait? What’s that? I’m being informed that there is no such school (thank God) and that this series actually is being produced by professional animators with supposedly unclouded judgment. Well then how the flip did this happen:

Let’s sum up my reaction to this old-school SAT style:

Wile E. Coyote : wall of ice :: face : palm.

Or if you prefer $100,000 Pyramid, “Things that collide to signal an act of great stupidity.”

I hope we can all agree that the 3-D computer animation in that Road Runner scene was just terrible. Not only is it just visually bad, but it robs the well-worn situation of any humor it ever could have had.  Looney Toons can get away with being so repetitive because it’s repeating something it started itself. When the show stops feeling like part of the age-old franchise, we can’t give it that leeway anymore.

Also, that Daffy Duck voice is not encouraging. He needs to be a curmudgeon, not a Woody Woodpecker wannabe.

Why can’t they just re-air old episodes of the show and bring back Tiny Toon Adventures. That was the best thing ever.

(Via Star Tribune)

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