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Loki’s “He Who Remains” Has Created Some Wonderful Galaxy Brain Moments From Black Twitter

So about the TVA ...

Jonathan Majors as He Who Remains, Kang, in Loki

**Spoilers for Marvel and Disney+’s Loki season one finale.**

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As Loki and Sylvie finally reached the literal end of time, they prepared themselves to face the, hopefully, non-robotic head of the TVA. They were both prepared for a fight, and technically, a fight did take place.

Against each other.

While Jonathan Majors sat back like:


I wasn’t sure what to expect at the end of Loki, but I can tell you, right here and now, that it was NOT “Jonathan Majors putting on a masterful performance as he casually chatted with the folks who were there to kill him.” He Who Remains/Kang/the slew of names he’s been referred to by managed to be a compelling character by simply … existing. He managed to be calculating and dangerous in an easygoing way that just made him even more intimidating. How does someone just sit there, completely unravel someone’s way of thinking, and smile as he’s stabbed?

For me, Jonathan Majors was one of the best parts of the series, a truly impressive feat since he was the last character to show up, only stuck around for maybe half of the episode’s runtime, and sat back in his seat (literally) as the action took place.

Many have been captivated by him, especially Black Twitter, but in true Black Twitter fashion, it’s become a source of entertainment.

I think Kang would approve of our humorous reaction to his arrival.

Here’s my random I’m just having fun because this is what fandom’s all about take.

Kang created the TVA in an attempt to end the fighting that was going on between his multiple Variants after screaming to them about how you can’t take Black folks nowhere. Instead of gathering stones and murderizing half the population of the entire universe and calling it balance, he made the TVA to keep everything in check.

Side note: I’m convinced Kang has the TVA keep the infinity stores in that desk drawer to be petty. Anyone could gather the Chaos Emeralds; it takes real skill to do what Kang did.

Now, who those Kang Variants are, how the fight happened, and all of those details haven’t been revealed yet, but I predict some “it be your own people” followed by “its okay to admit you’re in over your head instead of escalating things far too quickly.” Or maybe it was an extremely heated game of Spades. Who knows? Those emails will get leaked eventually, and the company will be forced to write a Notepad apology.

Speaking of which, not everyone was thrilled with the way the TVA went about doing things. The timeline’s pretty effed up, you know?

TVA employees remained loyal to Kang’s initial vision, though. Sure, it was through MIB memory-erasing methods, but … you know what, Kang? You kinda did gloss over that. How do you go about deciding what stays in the timeline and what doesn’t? I know I should be happy to see a Black man succeeding but damn, can you address some of those 1-star reviews?

Wow, he really is the CEO of a company, isn’t he? Forcing the lower-level employees to deal with the “I wanna speak to your manager” crowd, knowing damn well they don’t get paid enough to stand there and take LOKI Variants, of all things. That’s like working-a-double-shift-on-Black-Friday” levels of exhaustion.

You’ve forgotten where you come from, Kang.

Or did you? As we head into the next part of the story.

See, Loki and Sylvie would end up making their way to Kang’s 50-bedroom Zillow home, unannounced, and call everything into question.

However, much like a Black parent who just KNOWS everything because … they just DO, Kang saw this coming. Perhaps he saw all of our concerns with his methods coming. So, after laying all his cards on the table, he made a proposal that amounted to “If you hate it so much YOU take over” or “Let me retire in peace. I have centuries worth of PTO saved up.”

And that’s the thing, really. Folks can point out the flaws in a self-made business, but when they realize the full scope of what actually goes into running the show (in this case, the show is the entire timeline we are all a part of), they look like this:


On the one hand, offering a Black-owned business to two white people when Renslayer hasn’t missed a day of work makes me feel a certain kind of way. On the other hand, knowing how much misery goes into being the one everyone puts the blame on when shit goes sideways makes me happy that Kang smiled and said “Let the white folks have it.” Let Renslayer go on her self-discovery journey, take some much-needed me time, and see where her head is at afterward.

Also … can she take B-15 with her, please? And C-20? Give all the Black women time-and-a-half with holiday pay.

In the end, Sylvie forces Kang into early retirement, no one at the TVA knows who Loki is, and there’s a giant statue of Kang in the break room.

And we praise him.


(image: Marvel Studios)

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