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Log Cabin Republicans Are SHOCKED That They Were Shut Out of Texas Convention

"But I never thought the leopards would eat MY face!"

Gene Wilder as Willy Wonka in 'Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory'.

Few organizations are as bewildering and self-defeating as the Log Cabin Republicans (LCR), gay republicans who somehow support the republican party, which remains intent on stripping them of their human rights. I get that rich white gays love their tax cuts, but it takes a special brand of mental gymnastics to justify the anti-LGBTQ+ legislation and hate speech pouring out from the republican party. And it’s not just empty rhetoric: the relentless targeting of the LGBTQ+ community has seen a rash of attacks, from Proud Boys storming a Drag Queen Story Hour at a public library in California to the U-Haul truck filled with armed Patriot Front members who were arrested on their way to riot at an Idaho Pride event. Republicans are fomenting a moral panic by labeling the LGBTQ+ community as “groomers”, placing a target on the back of anyone who stands against various “Don’t Say Gay” bills.

But apparently none of that bothers the LCR. What really rankles them was their recent exclusion from the Texas GOP Convention in Houston. The group was denied a booth in the exhibition hall after receiving a previous approval email that said otherwise.

LCR president Charles Moran released a statement saying, “Inclusion wins, which makes the Texas Republican Party leadership’s decision to exclude the Texas Log Cabin Republicans from their convention not just narrow-minded, but politically short-sighted.”

But the rest of the LGBTQ+ community has little sympathy for the Log Cabin Republicans, and neither do most democrats. After all, the first rule of joining a club is that you don’t join one that won’t have you as a member. A second (and maybe more important) rule is to perhaps not throw in your lot with a group that is actively stripping away your human rights and slandering you as child molesters. Play stupid games, win stupid prizes, LCR.

Many took to social media to revel in the schadenfreude and the fact that their own political party told the LCR to sashay away:

Whelp, enjoy your fiscal conservatism and sparsely attended Pride parties, Log Cabin Republicans!

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