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Guy Builds Live Feed of Minecraft Play Session on Screen in Minecraft, Using Kinect [Video]

From the fella who brought us self-portrait megasculptures in Minecraft using Microsoft’s Kinect, comes a live feed of your Minecraft play session being shown on a screen made out of constantly updating blocks within a Minecraft play session. His Kinect records his monitor while playing Minecraft, then the hack displays the data on a constantly updating screen within theĀ Minecraft play session. The screen is estimated to be about 50 blocks high and 80 to 100 blocks long, acting as pixels to display the feed, and a custom texture pack was added to aid in color matching. The hack also allows the screen to stop streaming, which creates a screenshot embedded in the blocky, in-game screen. Don’t worry, the required Inception joke is included in the video.

(via The Escapist)

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