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Live-Action Powerpuff Girls Delayed and Black Lightning Spinoff Not Picked Up

Chloe Bennet (Blossom), Dove Cameron (Bubbles) and Yana Perrault (Buttercup)

The CW is putting the Powerpuff Girls in the corner, with news being shared by Deadline that the series is going to be reworked.

The live-action series, titled Powerpuff, based on the original Cartoon Network animated series, will be repiloted off-cycle. Despite that, the four leads, Chloe Bennet (Blossom), Dove Cameron (Bubbles), Yana Perrault (Buttercup), and Donald Faison (Professor Utonium), and the writers-producers all remain on board the project.

When early images of the series were shared—in what was clearly a flashback scene, since they were wearing their original costumes—there was a lot of … mocking. They were serving Party City realness. And Dove Cameron has been in Disney Channel Original Movie fits and wigs, so it was very alarming for us all.

There is still a lot of skepticism about bringing back The Powerpuff Girls, and for good reason. When it was last rebooted—it was not very good. Plus, don’t even get me started on the anime.

But The CW is the network that gave us Archie comics that smash, so why not have the Powerpuff Girls be adult women?

Warner Bros. TV Group President Channing Dungey last week spoke about the series and its actresses. “We’ve got a trio of terrific actresses at the center of that,” she said. “I’m not going to say that it hasn’t been a challenge. Bringing a children’s cartoon into live-action adulthood has been a really fine like to walk, but I think we’ve done a pretty great job walking it.”

In other news, The CW also has opted not to proceed with the Black Lightning spinoff Painkiller.

She also noted that Painkiller “also came in really solidly” but apparently not solid enough to invest in, while Naomi is still moving forward. While it will be the end of Black Lightning right now, hopefully, the success will translate into something in the comic book world.

Regardless, unless your show is starring Lucy Hale, The CW has been good to most of their series, giving time to stretch their legs, and even if this incarnation of the PPG isn’t very good, I wouldn’t be shocked if, for the nostalgia alone, it would do pretty decent numbers. So, get your PPG/Rowdyruff Boys fanfiction ready.

(via Yahoo, image: The CW)

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