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Things We Saw Today: Lindsey Graham Is Getting Exactly What He Deserves


Lindsey Graham is escorted through an airport by police as people yell at him.

Republican senator/Trump toady Lindsey Graham was accosted at Reagan Airport in Virginia today, as he was followed by a crowd shouting at him, calling him a “traitor.” That already sounds like a fun scene to witness but what makes this even better is that the people yelling at him weren’t the usual liberals and progressives. They were Trump supporters!

This crowd isn’t mad at Lindsey Graham for enabling Trump. They’re not upset about his role in pressuring Georgia’s secretary of state to throw out legitimate Biden votes, or his proposed support of Trump acting as a “shadow president” after he leaves office, or any of the other dangerously sycophantic things he’s said and done in recent history. (They’re also not mad about his completely ineffective mask usage.)

No, they’re mad that Lindsey Graham wouldn’t object to counting Joe Biden’s legitimately won electoral votes this week.

Remember when Sarah Huckabee Sanders was quietly and politely asked to leave a restaurant and it was like, the worst thing that had ever happened?? Who could have guessed that the people who overreacted to that would suddenly turn on a man just because he wouldn’t help their fave stage an actual coup?

  • Legendary supermodel Naomi Campbell wrote about her experiences with racial prejudice early in her career. (via CNN Style)
  • Megan McCain just got schooled on the First Amendment after whining about Josh Hawley’s stupid book deal getting pulled. (via Uproxx)
  • The way this little baby knows it can just leap up and get safely caught out of midair! That’s cat love! (The actor is @WesleyRyann. He’s six feet tall and based out of New York.)

  • This Animal Crossing rocker gamer chair is so freaking cute! (via ScreenRant)
  • Yup, the wealthy cutting the line for a COVID-19 vaccine and they’re going through nursing homes to do it. (via Washington Post)
  • The Mean Girls musical is permanently closing on Broadway. (via Deadline)

It’s Friday! Do something nice for yourselves this weekend!

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