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Please Take 20 Minutes Out of Your Day to Watch Lil Nas X Turn His Music Video Into a Maury Segment

The lie detector test determined...

Lil Nas X on Maury

Last week I wrote about Lil Nas X being a social media genius as a video circulated of Montero appearing on Maury. The clip had all the components you’d expect to see on Maury, from Montero confronting his lover’s wife to a delightfully absurd amount of dramatic running backstage.

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Despite me knowing that Lil Nas X puts in the work when it comes to promoting himself and his music, I did think we’d really get a full-on Maury segment.

Not only is this video a little over twenty minutes, but it’s treated just like a regular episode of Maury, right down to the commercial break cliffhanger before Maury reads the results of the paternity test and lie detector test.

Besides Animal Crossing, this is the most fun I’ve had all week.

The story

Montero and Yai fell madly in love with each other in just a month (a month and a half, actually, Montero clarifies later). However, when Montero went to surprise his man with roses, he discovered that Yai had a wife and son. Maury and the audience (yes, there’s an audience to react accordingly) sympathize with Montero, who just wanted someone to love him (that’s what he really wants).

According to Montero, Yai wants to be with him and doesn’t believe that his 4-year-old son, Noah, is his. Ashley (Yai’s wife) is backstage in a secluded area, unaware of the fact that her husband has been cheating on her (she does know that she’s there for a paternity test, though).

The segment goes in the order you expect if you’ve ever watched an episode of Maury. Montero confronts Ashley, the two of them argue, and we get classic Maury lines about how the baby has his dad’s nose when he smiles. Montero frequently asks the audience for their opinion on the matter, Ashley continues to ask if she can talk, and Maury, well, he sits back and watches the chaos unfold because that’s how his show goes.

The shocking reveal

It doesn’t matter if you’re 100 thousand million percent sure, the paternity test sees all, knows all, and reveals all. While Ashley swears that Yai is the father, it turns out she’s got secrets of her own. Maury, always ready to have a repeat guest, says that he will talk to her later if she wants to pursue who the “real” father is.

Looks like the gays are winning the day this time.

Or are they?

The other shocking reveal

After the paternity test comes the lie detector test, and as we find out that Yai was telling the truth about wanting to be with Montero, it seems like this will be a daytime talk show happily ever after.

There’s even a proposal!

However, Maury gives Montero some important advice: wait until all of the lie detector tests results have been revealed.

Me after Maury said that:


Not only do we get to hear the Maury staple of, “You are NOT the father,” we get to hear the lie detector test determine, “THAT was a lie,” in regards to whether or not Yai has slept with anyone besides Montero and Ashley.

The number of times? Ten.


All. Of. The. Running.

Real talk? I’m kinda in awe that this was treated so seriously that it aired like a regular Maury segment. I can’t believe everyone involved plays their parts right to the very end. Was this always Lil Nas X’s plan after releasing the video for “That’s What I Want?” How do you even come up with the idea to continue the story on Maury, let alone put everything in motion so you can get your music video story on the show?

Also? I gotta give credit to Maury, who somehow managed to host this segment without bursting out laughing whenever Lil Nas X acted the way his guests usually act. Yes, he nailed the “That might be your baby Maury,” but Maury had to react in a way that wasn’t, “OMFG Lil Nas X is really doing this, huh?”

(image: Screencap/Maury)

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