Meet the Like-A-Hug Vest, Inflates to Give Hug for Every Facebook Like Received

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It’s unfortunate that social media popularity doesn’t always translate to popularity in meatspace. In order to connect these disparate parts, Melissa Chow, Phil Seaton, and Andy Payne from MIT have created the Like-A-Hug vest. Specifically, the vest inflates to simulate a hug whenever someone “Likes” the wearer’s photos, videos, or status updates on their connected Facebook account. So not only can you look silly, but everyone can tell just how forever alone you are when it never inflates.

Ubergizmo explains:

Of course, those who wear this in hot and humid countries would probably prefer something far smaller, like say, an inflatable wristband, and it is not exactly the most fashion forward piece of clothing iether. If you want to send back a hug, just squeeze and deflate the vest – of course, there are many other considerations to take into such as the kind of data plan you will need to attach to the Like-A-Hug vest for it to remain constantly in touch with your Facebook account, or does it work over Wi-Fi only? How about battery life for the sensor and electronics, is there a warning system?

Given our collective obsession with staying and feeling connected to others, it probably isn’t so surprising that this isn’t the first vest designed to simulate hugs. That’s right; more than one group of inventors just wanted to recreate the feeling of a hug.

(via Ubergizmo)

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