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‘Lightyear’ Is on Disney+ Today and Time To See Buzz Lightyear Course Correct a Ship With His Thighs

Buzz Lightyear in Lightyear.

I loved Lightyear a lot, and while I recognize that this is an animated film (that is supposed to be a live-action film in the world of Toy Story), I also am woman enough to admit when I am attracted to a cartoon—which is very much the case with Lightyear. Buzz is hot! And in this film, he decides, in a dire moment, that he needs to do some math on a window and in doing so is course correcting the ship he’s flying using his thighs and it has consumed my ever waking thought since seeing the Chris Evans-voiced film.

But now, we all have the chance to finally see Buzz in the comfort of our own homes! The Angus MacLane-directed film takes us into the film franchise that inspired the cartoon that gave Andy his new favorite toy in Toy Story. (Yes, it’s slightly confusing, but just go with it.) So this Buzz that we’re meeting is, technically, played by a real flesh and blood actor in Andy’s world. We’re just seeing it animated because Andy is animated to us.

Heading to Disney+ today, Lightyear is fun to think about because it’s the world of Buzz that we only had glimpses of in the toy and we can think about where the film takes us into the future of the toy and the character as a whole. But also Lightyear is just a fun new space movie and one that was a joy to watch and so more people getting to see it and experience Lightyear for themselves is all the better! (I hope everyone ends up loving this crew that Buzz ends up working with as much as I did.)

Get your Buzz on

The film is now on Disney+ and maybe I sound like a broke record but it’s one that I just want everyone to enjoy. I didn’t care about Buzz Lightyear prior to this movie and in rewatching Toy Story this summer, I stand by my love of Woody the Cowboy over Buzz but getting to see this origin made me understand Andy and his love for this character. I got why he wanted the toy and I could see why his old things were just toys he loved and always had and Buzz was the new and exciting adventure.

It’s also just genuinely a good Pixar movie. One that, unfortunately, became a political talking point because it had a queer couple together on screen and showed how much these two women loved each other. This genuinely fun movie was marred by Republicans angry that two women are in love with each other and then this situation wasn’t helped by the Tim Allen saga all because no one wanted to listen to what this movie was.

Now that Lightyear is on Disney+ though, I hope more people get to watch it and enjoy it because it’s one of my top Pixar movies. It’s fun, exciting, and just an easy watch and I hope we get more of the Buzz Lightyear adventures in the future too.

(featured image: Pixar)

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