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Lightsaber Dueling Coming to iPhone Next Month

Because iPhones weren’t geeky enough already: “Star Wars: Lightsaber Duel” is coming to the iPhone next month, courtesy of THQ Wireless. According to Mashable, “Lightsaber Duel” builds on an older iPhone app, “Lightsaber Unleashed,” which used the accelerometer in the iPhone to create whooshing, officially sanctioned lightsaber sounds.

The key difference here is actual dueling: if an iPhone-owning friend of yours also has the app, you’ll be able to use Bluetooth to duel with one another.

From a promotional pic obtained by

  • Play two player with Bluetooth
  • 11 new characters
  • Create multiple custom characters
  • Force lightning!
  • Play your own duelling music
  • Improved graphics and animations

No word on pricing information: “Lightsaber Unleashed” was free, but the privilege of battling someone else with an imaginary iPhone lightsaber while onlookers gulp may just be something you have to pay money for.

( via Mashable)

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