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Things We Saw Today: Let’s Cook the Egg Sandwich From Birds of Prey

Plus Redditships, Nier Replicant, and more!

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After watching Birds of Prey and the Fantabulous Emancipation of One Harley Quinn in theaters and on VOD, I ended each viewing with the same thought. Where can I get myself one of those delicious egg sandwiches? Luckily actor Bruno Oliver, who plays short order cook Sal in BoP, made a video for Variety walking us through what goes into that magical bodega breakfast sandwich.

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Oliver rehearsed his scene several times saying, “It was definitely one of the oddest preparations as an actor I’ve done, … I spent the night destroying my kitchen making egg sandwiches over and over and over again.” Sal made the sandwich himself, but relied on a catering chef for the close-up shots of sandwichy goodness.

The sandwich is a simple bacon, egg, and cheese served on a ciabatta roll with a touch of hot sauce. Oliver didn’t realize how important the sandwich was remarking, “I really didn’t understand the place the egg sandwich had in the movie until I saw it.” Needless to say, he was surprised and delighted by the numerous think-pieces written for the breakfast.

“I’ve read a lot about the sandwich as a metaphor for Harley’s recovery,” Oliver said. “I’ve read a lot that refer to Sal as the only male in the movie who doesn’t screw her over.”

If you’re looking for a delicious way to pass the time during this quarantine, we can hardly think of a better treat. Egg sandwich, we will love you forever!

(via Variety, image: Warner Bros.)

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How are you spending your Sunday, Mary Suevians?

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