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Oscar Isaac Literally Looks Like Gomez Addams but This Is the Addams Family Trailer We’re Getting

Oscar Isaac Literally Looks like Gomez Addams but Okay to This Trailer for the Addams Family

When news broke of Oscar Isaac being cast as Gomez Addams, the internet breathed a sigh of relief. Finally, we’d have a Gomez who looked perfect, and if they gave us Eva Green as Morticia, all our fancasting dreams would become a reality. But then they announced it was animated, and our hope began to dwindle, and now, with the new trailer, we see a return to the Gomez from the original comic strip and dear lord, someone help me. Oscar Isaac is literally right there.

I will say, though, that having Wednesday Addams with noose braids had me squealing, even if there seems to be a severe lacking of Cousin Itt.

As predicted, though, we had a bit of a problem with Oscar Isaac being the original Gomez Addams—mainly because, again, he literally looks like Gomez Addams in real life, and who decided this? Who is responsible?

As excited as I am, though, is any Morticia Addams going to beat Anjelica Huston’s portrayal of the character?

We are a society that loves the Addams family, and this movie reminds us of its long history as part of the cultural zeitgeist, but also … Oscar Isaac was literally right there, looking like Gomez Addams, and you animated him??????? Will I ever get over this upset? Probably not, but if Charlize Theron and Oscar Isaac at least dress like their characters for one photo shoot, I will forgive everything and throw myself into this movie with my whole heart.

(image: MGM)

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