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Less Time Typing, More Time Doing … Anything Else


We all have certain things we find ourselves typing over and over again. Like email signatures. Or call-in instructions for the weekly conference call. Or, “Thanks for forwarding me this dirty limerick, Grandpa!” And that’s where TextExpander 5 comes in. Save keystrokes and time with this award-winning Mac app—it’s just $31 at the Mary Sue Shop.


TextExpander 5 lets you create custom text and image shortcuts. Auto-fill content anywhere on your Mac, from emails to Tweets—it’ll even pull in the current date and time if you need it. And since we’re also prone to making the same typos over and over again (damn autocorrect!), TextExpander will automatically fix the typos you make most often.

Grab the app that host of MacBreak Leo Laporte calls “The single best productivity tool for the Mac, right after Quicksilver.” It’s $31 at the Mary Sue Shop.

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