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Leslie Jones Live Tweeting MSNBC Is the Energy We Need in 2021

Please narrate our lives 24/7.

Leslie Jones on the set of SNL

With so much going on in the world, especially in the United States, it’s easy to get lost in the sauce of everything going down around us. On one hand, you have the President inciting a domestic terrorist attack, and on the other, you have a nation in the grip of a pandemic. That’s where Leslie Jones comes in.

And no, she isn’t going to save us Hunger Games-style, neither is she going to find the cure for the coronavirus. There are plenty of other people working on ways to impeach Donald Trump and get people vaccinated. But what she does, day in and day out, is make 2021 more bearable.

Jones has been live tweeting everything and anything that she can. She’s done it for TV shows, and most recently, she’s done it for news via MSNBC. And dear Lord, she makes me feel seen. Jones doesn’t hold back, tells it how it is, and feels like a breath of fresh air every time she praises, destroys, or comments on someone.

Her commentary makes for a unique experience where you feel free to express your anger, pain, and discomfort at the hot mess that is the United States. And it’s the kind of energy that we need in 2021 and every year to come. This is how we feel seen, this is how we feel understood, and this is how we can expand our horizons on what we think.

Now, everyone isn’t going to agree with Jones about a lot of things. But her honesty and tendency to not hold back is something that you should experience, no matter where you fall on the political landscape. Maybe she’ll make you see things in a new light, or maybe she’ll make you understand her experience and why this matters so much to her.

Either way, Leslie Jones is change. She’s the kind of reporting we need to explain everything succinctly and with a dose of fun. And we’re just sitting here, waiting not so patiently, for her to be invited to be a guest on every news outlet that she watches. Because A) she’d destroy others with her quips and B) she would look amazing in a power suit.

Make it happen, 2021!

(image: NBC)

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