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Leonardo DiCaprio Pointing Meme Is All of Us Getting Very Intense About the Little Things Right Now

Leonardo DiCaprio as Rick Dalton in Once Upon a Time in Hollywood

In the context of Once Upon a Time in Hollywood, Rick Dalton (Leonardo DiCaprio) is watching himself onscreen, gets excited, and points at his acting. For some reason, months after the movie was released, fans have decided to take this image of Rick Dalton pointing and use it to give new life to the old meme of pointing out the obvious in movies.

I wish I understood how these things pop up or how we all collectively decided that Rick Dalton was going to be our new source of comedy, but alas, here we are. I feel like that’s all of the jokes out of 2020 so far. We’re just like “I guess this is what’s happening now?” and run with it.

All that being said, Rick Dalton pointing is a very specific form of comedy. You can’t just use any old joke with it. There’s a certain … je ne sais quoi to this kind of meme. So, only the best among us have master the art of the Rick Pointing meme, and those are the ones we are going to cherish. (Or, you know, the funniest ones.)

Go forth, prosper, and let’s find the next great meme. Hopefully, it’s just funny screengrabs from movies, and then we have the entire catalog of cinema to comb through.

(image: Sony)

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