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Let’s Talk About American Gods but Mostly Gillian Anderson


So a bunch of things went down on American Gods last night, but who are we kidding? The only thing we really must discuss is Gillian Anderson and how she and I are getting married.

It will be a spring wedding, and you’re all invited. OK, OK, fine, let’s quickly recap what occurred during the 5th episode, “Lemon Scented You,” a line spoken by no less than … my betrothed, Gillian Anderson. ANYWAY. Spoilers ahoy.

After the cool puppet opening “Coming to America,” Shadow and Laura had their long-awaited reunion (seriously I’ve been waiting for this scene since the beginning of April when I got the see the first four eps). It was—interesting, in that way that only American Gods can pull off. Most other shows might make the reunion of a man with his adulterous dead wife more dramatic, but it was quite understated, almost matter-of-fact. Shadow quizzes Laura on what happened between her and Robbie, etc., with the calm stoic coolness that marks his reactions to Gods wielding blood-drenched hammers and getting to pocket the moon. At this point I guess he’s seen so much he’s totally unfazed by the sight of zombie wife waiting for him. I enjoy their dynamic and I’m curious to see where this will go now.

Shadow and Wednesday get taken in by the cops for their bank robbery, thanks to Mr. World. The mysterious Mr. World is played by Crispin Glover, who is not as cool as Gillian Anderson, but close. Glover always manages to be creepy and menacing with a disturbing side of charming. He’s perfect for the part of this particular bad guy, and his New God team of Technical Boy and Media make for a viciously charismatic line-up. Even Technical Boy had his moment when apologizing to Shadow: “We’re in a weird place racially in this country right now and I don’t want to add to that climate of hatred.” You’re goddamned right.

And really all that’s left to discuss is two ridiculously stellar performances by Gillian Anderson. We’d already seen and admired her David Bowie, but last night she also transformed into a pitch-perfect Marilyn Monroe. While Marilyn Monroe could never have knocked Technical Boy on his ass with the mere force of a blown kiss, Gillian Anderson can do anything. Which is why I’m marrying her.

But enough about my forthcoming nuptials. What’d you think about last night’s show?

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