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Old LEGO Pamphlet Shows They’ve Been Fighting the Good Fight for Equality Since 1974

Despite any recent missteps.

This image of a message of equality on the back of a 1974 LEGO pamphlet has been floating around Reddit and, of course, Twitter, though some have doubted its authenticity. Well hush, naysayers; there’s some pretty solid evidence that it’s real, and it’s very definitely awesome.

If you’re not sold on its authenticity, check out LEGO’s new logo introduced in 1973, which is the same one used in the above 1974 pamphlet image. The newer logo from 1998 on gets rid of some of the unnecessary yellow between letters and in the middle of the O for digital use.

Still, that logo was used until 1998, but a scan of the German version of the same pamphlet from ’74 has roughly the same text on the back according to Google translate. You can even see through to the text on the other side a little bit in both.

It’s great to see one of the most iconic creative toys spreading the message that both girls and boys should get creative however they see fit, especially back in the early 70s. On the other hand, the outcry over its inauthenticity is a sad reminder that statements like this are still sorely needed 40 years later; it sounds like it could have been written yesterday.

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