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Blogger Blogs About Movie Wherein Blogger Blogs About Reading a Book

Northwestern University student Lawrence Dai is attempting an unholy project: Watching the 2009 movie, Julie & Julia, each day for an entire year and blogging about every single viewing. For the uninitiated, the movie is about a woman who attempted to cook, and blog about, all 524 recipes in Julia Child’s cookbook. Seemingly in an attempt at poking fun of a high-profile movie being made about a blogger who read a book then blogged about it, Dai is now subjecting himself to 365 straight viewings of Julie & Julia so he can blog about a blogger who blogged about reading a book.

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So far, his musings are actually pretty entertaining, some of which are entitled, “How is this guy not Mark Ruffalo?” and “Are Lobsters Really That Hard to Cook?” He even plans to have “Random Actor Tuesday” where he will detail every peripheral character that appears in the movie, which will probably help him milk some extra content, because, no matter how amazing, mediocre, or terrible one feels the movie is, finding 365 unique things to write about it will eventually become a tad difficult.

He’s currently on day 9, so he has a long way to go. Whether or not he achieves his goal (and retains some semblance of sanity), Lawrence Dai is bravery personified. Good luck, good sir. May you receive a movie deal for blogging, just like Julie Powell, so we can all go see a movie about a blogger blogging about watching a movie about a blogger blogging about reading a book.

(The Lawrence/Julie & Julia Project via Eater via Urlesque)

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