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If You’re in Line To Unseat Lauren Boebert, STAY IN LINE

Lauren Boebert stands alone before the State of the Union, looking at the camera and looking sad

Adam Frisch has a chance to defeat evil but he’s apparently throwing it away by conceding to a race he’s not yet lost. The Associated Press has not yet called the U.S. House race in Colorado between Frisch and Lauren Boebert (which would mark a second term for the gun-waving woman who acts like her current position of power gives her free reign to act like a high school bully).

The race was, it seems, down to a difference of less than 600 votes. That means that it would instantly go to a recount given state law. This is the one time you’ll see me begging for a white man to not give up and to keep on inserting himself into the conversation. Please Frisch, for my sanity. Stay in line.

“The likelihood of this recount changing more than a handful of votes is very small—very, very small,” Mr. Frisch said Friday in a video posted on Facebook. “It’d be disingenuous and unethical for us or any other group—any other group—to continue to raise false hope.” He added that “Colorado elections are safe, accurate, and secure.”

Maybe we don’t have to go high.

Boebert loves to spread dangerous conspiracy theories online. A Trump fan and one of the self-appointed Red Wave idealists, Boebert wouldn’t show this kind of grace if the situations were reversed and, in this one instance, I’m okay with Frisch stooping low enough to keep on fighting this. Mainly because that margin is way too close for him to be giving up now.

Because Frisch has called Boebert to concede, she’s taking this as a clear indication that she’s won even though the race has not yet been called by anyone but her.

Adam, look, let me reason with you really quickly: You don’t have to be the bigger person here. Name one MAGA person who has ever thought they should take the high road. I’ll wait—nevermind, I won’t wait because you can’t. It’s not in their nature. So why give Boebert that power when there’s still a chance that this race isn’t hers to win?

There’s not much you have to do! It’s going into a recount based on state law. Take back your concession and just wait it out. Do it for all of us who are hoping that the woman who thinks her guns are her best friends is gone. Please, we’re begging.

(via The New York Times, image: Saul Loeb – Pool/Getty Images)

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