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Launch a Lucrative Side Hustle and Get That $$$

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Not all side hustles are created equal, and we are NOT all about that overworked, underpaid life. So we gathered up 10 great courses in side gigs that’ll actually make you money or even help you launch a new career. Check them out at the Mary Sue Shop, where they start at under $10.

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Modern Copywriting: Writing Copy That Sells In 2019: The right words can help you build your brand, find the right audience, and take your profits to the next level. This course will make it easy. Learn how to write captivating headlines, how to understand your audience and your competition, and master the formulas that pro copywriters swear by. Get it for $10.99.

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The Podcast Master Class: A Complete Guide to Podcasting: Podcasting is hot right now. Get in on it with this course. It’ll teach you how to get started with the right gear, intros and outros, and art, and how to grow your audience. You’ll work on your podcast in the course and even get feedback from the instructors on it as you go. Get it for $11.99.

The Complete Web Developer Course: Build 25 Websites: Get 25 websites into your portfolio and learn skills you’ll use throughout your career. This hands-on course breaks down building responsive sites with jQuery, PHP, MySQL 5, HTML5, CSS3, and Python. Get it for $11.99.

Facebook Ads & Facebook Marketing Mastery Course: Make Facebook ads that work harder and better for you. This 11-hour course teaches you how to optimize your ads for increased conversions and decreased costs, how to get new customers via social marketing, and how to grow your page and post likes and shares. Get it for $9.99.

The Complete Filmmaker Guide: Learn what makes films great—this course walks you through pre-production guidelines, production secrets that work for any equipment, and how to capture, organize, and create a great rough edit. Get it for $14.99.

Instant Public Speaking Master Class: Whether you’re pitching your product or yourself, public speaking skills are key. Learn from a six-year member of the National Speakers Association—you’ll get over your fear of public speaking, develop your authoritative voice, and always know how to say what you want to say. Get it for $9.99.

Beyond the Basics: Advanced SEO Optimization Tactics That You Can’t Google: There’s a lot of info out there on best SEO practices. This course is here to go way beyond the basics that anyone can look up. Pick up the secrets of the pros, including future-proofing your SEO strategy and what you should focus on instead of organic search traffic. Get it for $19.

Ultimate eBay BootCamp Academy: Did you know you can buy items wholesale and resell them on eBay, Amazon, and Shopify for high profits—without physically shipping anything yourself? Learn how—and how to do it well—in this 8-hour training. Get it for $14.99.

The Complete Hospitality Diploma Bundle: Work in event management, wedding planning, restaurant management, hotel management, hotel reception, customer services, or travel and tourism. This 80-hour training will take you through your options and help you excel at whatever you pick. Get it for $29.99.

The Learn to Become an Expert Photographer Bundle: Get 45 hours of training in capturing the world around you. You’ll get nine courses in some must-have skills like night photography, landscape photography, Adobe Lightroom, and more. Get it for $29.

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