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Kylo Ren Is Every Internet Dudebro In His Reaction Video for The Last Jedi Trailer

Note: Director Rian Johnson has warned fans to stay away from trailers for The Last Jedi if they want to stay completely spoiler-free and “come in clean” to the film, so be warned that this parody also includes the trailer itself.

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YouTubers Auralnauts have finally put Kylo Ren in the company he deserves: amongst the entitled, nerdy dudebros who post reaction videos on YouTube. While I’ve seen “reaction video” parodies using film characters before, this Kylo Ren one works so perfectly because of how well it matches the worst people in the genre. (I do, of course, find plenty of reaction videos entertaining and energetic! But I feel like we all know the sort of ugh-no reaction video I’m talking about.)

Auralnauts previously released a Kylo Ren reaction video for Rogue One, so it’s no surprise they did a great job capturing some of the genre’s signature tics. Kylo kicks off his video with phrases like, “I’m just as excited as you are,” and “So let’s get right into it!” He then critiques the trailer for being out-of-character (“I would never do that!”), comments on how clean Phasma’s suit is in every scene (“I do not know what [her] secret it”), exults at his own “raw” power, and laughs at the idea of a truce between him and Rey. He gives the entire reaction video with his voice-modifying mask on, which makes it even better.

There are also some wonderfully weird meta elements here, including Kylo referring to the trailer as “the future” and asking, “What’s Christmas?” when he sees the release date on the screen.

As a character, Kylo Ren is at his best when he’s being the worst, and that’s what I love about this video.

(Via Nerdist; image via screengrab)

Star Wars Episode VIII – The Last Jedi arrives in theaters on December 15, 2017.

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