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Fascinating Force Awakens Fan Theory Explains How Kylo Ren Got [REDACTED]

We are the knights who say Ren!

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Spoilers spoilers spoilers spoilers. Spoilers.

The Force Awakens never explains how Kylo Ren got his mitts on Grandpa Vader’s helmet, but some fans believe the answer can be found in Delilah S. Dawson’s Journey to The Force Awakens story The Perfect Weapon.

In The Perfect Weapon, Bazine Netal, the intriguing female bounty hunter played by Anna Brewster and seen briefly in The Force Awakens tracking Fin and Rey at Maz’s fortress, is hired by an anonymous client to retrieve a package from the room of a former stormtrooper who fought at the Battle of Endor. Although it’s not specified in The Perfect Weapon, some fans believe that the package was Darth Vader’s helmet, and the contractor was Kylo Ren.

Obviously there’s nothing to confirm that theory right now, but it certainly makes sense and seems in keeping with Kylo Ren’s commitment to being Vader Trash. What do you think, friends? Are you a fan of this theory?

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