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Kyrsten Sinema Remains Delusional: ‘I Saved the Senate By Myself’

There will hopefully be a day, very soon, when the name Kyrsten Sinema no longer holds national importance. Unfortunately, today is not that day.

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That’s right, everyone’s least favorite Senator from Arizona is once again out in public, being absolutely delusional about herself because it’s another day that ends in “y.” This time, it’s for the truly bonkers idea that she has single-handedly saved the Senate from itself. I cannot. Per The New Republic:

As Insider reported this week, Sinema makes a cameo in Coppins’s Romney: A Reckoning, in which she’s totally not mad about her dim reelection prospects. “I don’t care. I can go on any board I want to. I can be a college president. I can do anything,” she apparently told Mitt Romney. “I saved the Senate filibuster by myself. I saved the Senate by myself. That’s good enough for me.” She is, sadly, correct about her chances of cashing out. But the idea that she “saved the Senate” raises a rather obvious question: “From what, though—and for who?”

It is a damning indictment of the sorry state of the American political climate when you think being an obstructionist boulder means you saved an institution. Congratulations, I guess? You’ve won absolutely nothing, Kyrsten, other than helping the Republican agenda. Also, as a fun reminder, the filibuster is racist, so basically, Sinema is saying the quiet part out loud. Always helpful when people do that.

Also, seriously, who or what did Sinema save the Senate from? Being fully functional? Serving the people? If I were Joe Manchin, I’d be pretty ticked off right now. Sinema is taking sole credit for blocking the Senate from getting anything meaningful done, and as everyone knows, Manchin also prides himself on being an obstructionist. This erasure shall not stand!

To read about Sinema is to be infuriated, and well, this is no expectation. This absolute waste of space senator is sadly correct: She can probably go on to do anything she wants and make more money than you or I will see in a lifetime as a result. America, ain’t she grand?!

For what it’s worth, an aide to Sinema has denied the quote from the Romney book, but as The New Republic points out, it certainly sounds like her, doesn’t it?

A Sinema aide has disputed the accuracy of the remarks attributed to her in Coppins’s book, but the fact that she comes across as being self-aware about becoming a fully vested sellout who’s now eligible to level up her buckraking game completely tracks, seeing as she spent the twilight of her Senate career denying children a fraction of the largesse that the country’s plutocrats have carted off for themselves.

At least we have next year’s election to look forward to. Sinema has proclaimed she’s no longer a Democrat, and while she hasn’t announced whether she’s running for reelection, Rep. Ruben Gallego has already announced he’s running for Sinema’s Senate seat. Let’s hope the fine voters of Arizona have a long memory and short patience for Sinema’s BS. Personally, I look forward to never thinking or hearing about her again. I hope whatever material gains she makes as a result of being a terrible, obstructionist Senator was worth it in the long run.

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