It’s Too Hot To Come Up With A Funny Headline For This Video About How Hot It Is

So just watch it.
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Here in New York it is mostly rainy and humid and gross, but in other parts of the country the heat alone is completely and utterly unbearable. Just ask Krissychula, a YouTube and Tumblr celebrity who could probably get a million hits just by reading the phonebook in her measured, deliberate voice. Among her insights : “I am not tropical, I am not a damn toucan,” and “The Lord needs to delegate the weather to somebody else. Where is Moses? Talk to Moses about that shit.” Every word of it is…well, not exactly genius, but it captures the essence of being, as so many of us are, utterly done with this heat.

I would tell you to go ahead and watch it eight times but, sadly, the embedded video above is from a mirror — she had to disable embedding due to people biting her style and posting her videos. She gave us the go ahead to post the mirrored video anyway, but if you want to show her some love, go watch it some more times on her official channel instead. Maybe it will offer some insight on just where to find the “Power Ranger” setting on the A/C unit.

(via YouTube)

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