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Oh My God It’s A Krang’s Robot Body Hoodie

The Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles were probably the first childhood fad I ever really understood to exist.  Before the Power Rangers, before Animorphs, and before POGs, I understood that TMNT was the coolest thing ever.

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Now I know that if I ever want to look like Krang, it will be less expensive than looking like a Turtle, but more expensive than a half-shell backpack. has this Krang hoodie for sale, allowing you to look a lot like the robot body he rode around in, even going so far as to put his fleshy pink tentacles on the sleeves, so that you can menace people with them.  You’ll have to provide the red underwear, boots, and metal suspenders yourself.

You know, I don’t think I realized that Krang wasn’t actually a robot’s inexplicably organic, sentient stomach organ, but rather a prehensile-appendaged brain housed inexplicably in the torso of a nine foot robot until a few years after I stopped watching the show on VHS tapes borrowed from the public library.

(via Comics Alliance.)

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