Left: The emotions from Inside Out 2 controlling the panel. Right: Kendall sitting on the floor, crying, while Shiv and Roman comfort him, from Succession
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The Internet Knows Who’d REALLY Be Running Our Brains If ‘Inside Out’ Were About Us

So, what movie or TV show is running your head?

Have you ever wondered what the inside of your head would look like if they made Inside Out about you, or are you not normal?

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Inside Out did a fantastic job of explaining to a younger audience what happens inside their brains when they experience certain emotions like joy, anger, sadness, and so on. With Inside Out 2, Riley grew older into a teenager, and her mind’s control panel was ambushed by a whole new set of emotions like Anxiety, Ennui, Embarrassment, and Nostalgia. When Anxiety was whipping up a frenzy, and Riley had a panic attack, you could practically hear all the adults relate hard.

Now that Anxiety has entered the chat, the scene where she lost it looked like something out of a shouting match from Succession, or the “Fishes” episode of The Bear. We all have that one TV show we’re obsessed with, whose characters are constantly living in our heads, and whose words we regurgitate often when we’re in similar situations.

And it looks like the internet is nominating their favorite fictional characters that would be running their head if Inside Out were about them!

You’ve got quite the collection of emotions here, from the ennui of the Roys in Succession to the anxiety of the chefs from The Bear, from the joy of the Barbie girls to the embarrassment that’s a constant feature in the minds of high school dorks like Devi and her friends from Never Have I Ever. There’s something for everyone’s brain here!

If you ask me, this is like an SNL sketch idea waiting to be picked up.

Moreover, it looks like with every new Inside Out movie, Riley gets older, and an array of newer emotions is introduced. If they make an Inside Out 3, they’re definitely going to have to make way for the absolute emotional rollercoaster that is PMS, Riley’s first time experiencing a crush on someone, and fangirling over her first fictional book/internet boyfriend. We could even have Taylor Swift in her mind, telling her exactly how to feel with her song lyrics.

I’d love to see what the brain of someone who is chronically online and obsessed with pop culture looks like!

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