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Watch Japan’s Adorable Kirobo Space Robot Be Adorable in Space [Video]

We just want to kiss his little robot face.

Kirobo is an adorable robot launched to the ISS by the Japanese space program. It’s been there for a few months, and we’ve finally got video of the first robot-human conversation held in space. It’s way less creepy than any chat Dave had with the HAL 9000.

While NASA is working on attaching nightmare tentacle legs to Robonaut 2, Japan has been focusing on building a little robot friend to keep their astronauts company. Robonaut 2 may be capable of using tools and making repairs, but he’s boring as hell. Kirobo can hold a conversation, and he even strikes little poses while he’s talking. He’s programmed to form his own sentences in response to ISS Commander Koichi Wakata, rather than just give pre-formed answers. The video above demonstrates his ability to answer questions and be adorable at the same time.

(via Toyota Global Newsroom)

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