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King’s Landing From Game of Thrones Built in Minecraft’s Potentially the Best Thing Ever

Look, we know the Minecraft craze has mostly faded, but there’s always something interesting being built within the confines of the sandbox game of all sandbox games. People like making things, especially if those things are scaled down versions of places represented in fiction and pop culture. We’ve even covered such things before, so believe us when we say that this version of King’s Landing from Game of Thrones is perhaps the best thing ever built in Minecraft. No foolin’.

The good folks at WesterosCraft — the folks that built this impressive model — have really outdone themselves, but they’re not stopping here. According to Reddit user pizzainacup, they’ve finished recreating about 70% of the entire Westeros continent. Let that soak in a bit whilst you peruse the spectacle that is Minecraft King’s Landing.

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(via Reddit)

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