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Kim Jong-il Hired a Team of Hackers to Farm Gold in Asian MMOs

The New York Times is reporting that North Korean despot Kim Jong-il has put together a team of hackers to farm gold in popular South Korean MMOs. Police in the region said that the team created software that allowed them to breach the servers of MMOs, such as Lineage and Dungeon and Fighter (which seems to be Dungeon Fighter Online, possibly either named with the “and” in Korea, or a translation error on someone’s part), which granted “round-the-clock play by ‘factories’ of dozens of unmanned computers.”

The farmed gold was sold for real money, as is the thing to do when forming gold farming networks, along with the actual farming software. The police said in a little less than two years, the team made around 6 million bucks, giving 55 percent of said 6 million to the hackers. The police also said that they believe the money gained helps Kim Jong-il finance nuclear weapons programs, as well as helps to smuggle Rolex watches and other “luxury goods.”

What was not mentioned in the report is exactly how many skill points the team has gained over the years.

(The New York Times via GameInformer via Joystiq)

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