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Kim Petras And Sam Smith Make History At The Grammys

Sam Smith and Kim Petras at the Grammys

The Grammys has its fair share of historic moments. There are the performances you think about, the albums which can’t get enough awards—and tonight is no different. For the award for Best Pop Duo/Group Performance, Kim Petras and Sam Smith took home the Grammy for their work together on “Unholy.”

You have definitely heard “Unholy” if you’ve been on social media at all. It’s great, and their win makes sense. But it is also a historic one. When the two took the stage for their speech, Petras took the lead and revealed that Sam Smith, who is non-binary and made history as the first non-binary performer to take home the award, let her take over the speech as the first trans woman to win the category at the Grammys. It was emotional seeing Petras get a standing ovation from those in attendance, cheering her on.

Petras went on to thank her friend Sophie for supporting her, as well as Smith for being a rock for her in this industry. It was just a great moment in the midst of the chaos of the Grammys. Other artists were cheering for Petras, with Smith screaming their joy behind her. It is such a timely and important win. And one that is so earned, given the success that “Unholy” has found among fans.

Why Petras and Smith’s historic win is so important

Right now, the trans community is under attack by the political right and conservatives—not only here in America, but in places like the UK and beyond. It is dangerous for trans people. Seeing a celebration of trans art and trans joy is so important for a larger audience to see. Kim Petras brought her art to the world, and so many of us have cherished her work.

Making history at a time like this, and being celebrated with the audience of the Grammys, was emotional to see in the best of ways. I’m so happy for Petras and Smith on their win. Hopefully, this is just the beginning for them both!

(featured image: Emma McIntyre/Getty Images for The Recording Academy)

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