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The Conversation Around Sam Smith Wouldn’t Be Happening If They Were Cis, Straight, and Skinny

Sam Smith in 'Gloria' music video

Non-binary British singer-songwriter Sam Smith recently released a music video for their new song I’m Not Here To Make Friends that sparked criticism online for being too explicit. Some Twitter users have even called for age restrictions to be applied to music videos to ‘protect’ teenagers from such content.

LBC reports that one person tweeted: “No f***ing need, it’s blatant tacky sexualised bulls**t. As a mum of teenagers, I’m sick of seeing people using s**t like this to sell their music.”

Meanwhile, another user also compared the singer’s music video to self-confessed misogynist Andrew Tate, writing: “If we’re crunching down on Andrew Tate for apparently warping children’s minds…we should be banishing Sam Smith to Mars. #SAMSMITH #AndrewTate.”

The music video in question sees Smith dancing in various outfits, ranging from an extravagant pink feathered dress to a white leather-look cabaret outfit. You can see the ‘controversial’ looks here.

While Smith certainly makes a splash in the outfits, it’s no more or less than most other popstars commonly wear in their videos—and are applauded for doing so. It begs the questions: just what is the actual issue here? What is different between Smith and the other pop musicians?

Essentially: they’re queer and they’re not skinny. And that makes their dancing and outfits unsanitary—apparently. Luckily, a flurry of voices has come out in support of the musician and pointing out the inequal treatment that they’re receiving.

Ironically, the title of the song, I’m Not Here To Make Friends, is exactly the kind of attitude that we hope Smith has to this kind of criticism. You do you, Sam, and ignore the hypocrisy online.

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