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LOL Kim Kardashian’s “Humble” Birthday Tweet Gets the Meme Treatment

Love to rent out an entire island for me and my friends.

Kim Kardashian Meme

Kim Kardashian decided to rent out an entire island so that she could have a birthday party to celebrate turning 40. She then chose to share that information with the class in a breathtakingly out-of-touch tweet, and the Internet is dragging and meme-ing her accordingly.

As though any of us in quarantine wanted to know how much money the Kardashians were spending on experiences the rest of us peons could never conceive of while we shuffle about in our masks and stay indoors. Hey, my mother turned 70 this year and she and I watched Friday Night Lights since everything we had planned had to be canceled, so I truly do not care if Kim had to have a “modest” private island birthday by Kardashian standards. As it turns out, no one on social media was in the mood to celebrate with Kim.

The entire thread is incredibly ignorant of the current climate in America, where 8 million people have “slipped” into poverty after federal aid dried up and the Senate continues to twiddle their fingers. But one particularly tweet is now getting the meme treatment:

Imagine, if you will, asking all your friends to go ahead and get a bunch of COVID-19 tests and then surprising them by taking them to an island for your birthday. Not only are you ignoring the political upset that is currently happening in this country and the travel restrictions restricting the rest of us, you’re flagrantly spending a whole lot of money when people are being thrown out of their homes and struggling to feed their families. Must be nice, right?

And before people do the nonsense of “but what should they do!?” uh … maybe not flaunt their wealth like this right this f**king second. Read the room. Kim could have done her private island and kept it to herself! Imagine, if you will, not doing it for the ‘gram. It’s also upsetting to people who are not able to visit their loved ones right now BECAUSE of the pandemic happening. It feels like a slap in the face to everyone who has been cooped up in their homes for 8 months with no end in sight. And the people who have lost loved during this horrific time? At least Kim K and her friends got to go away and forget that the most important election our country has ever faced in modern times is happening in a week, right? One that Kim’s husband Kanye West is actively trying to derail while no one in that family is seemingly able to get him the help he needs?

So watching Kim K having her birthday bash that made her feel “humble” getting dragged on the internet? It at least gives me hope that celebrity culture like that of the Kardashians is slowly dying out. The Kardashian brand thrived on a sort of escapism into the land of the frivolously rich that only induces anger In These Times.


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