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Kim DotCom Released on Bail, Not Considered Flight Risk


MegaUpload founder Kim DotCom was released on bail today, being put in jail when MegaUpload was taken down by the federal government. He was indicted in the United States for criminal copyright violations and racketeering, and was subsequently arrested in New Zealand last month. Until now, two judges in New Zealand denied two requests for bail, but a judge who heard another request for bail today decided DotCom was not enough of a flight risk to deny bail.

At earlier bail hearings, lawyers representing the United States said they felt DotCom might’ve had hidden enough money somewhere that he could use to make some sort of escape, but the judge that granted bail said police hadn’t proven that DotCom had enough remaining assets to make said escape.

Kim DotCom said he wants to be with his family in New Zealand, where he can better fight the charges he’s facing. Though DotCom has been granted bail, the story of the MegaUpload takedown and DotCom’s arrest that happened seemingly out of nowhere continues.

(via CNET)

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