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Katsuki Bakugo’s Hero Name Confirms That He Is the Biggest Dork of My Hero Academia and I Love Him for It

Put some respect on the explosion lord's name!

Spoilers for My Hero Academia manga chapter 293.

These last couple of chapters of My Hero Academia have been A LOT but this last one did the unthinkable: took a second to have a bit of humor amidst the intense, multichapter fighting that’s been going on.

Don’t tell Bakugo that, though, he’s being very serious right now.

Because once he realizes that Best Jeanist is alive, Bakugo reveals that he held off on revealing his hero name because he was waiting for his mentor to hear it. Aw! That’s really sweet! So what’s your hero name?




That …

Ok y’all, I know a good chunk of the fandom has clowned this boy over this name but, I’m sorry, I gotta go with Mirio on this.

I think the name is great! I’m serious! I think it fits him.

I know fandom got real attached to two names in particular, one being Ground Zero (which was apparently written in an old prototype for Bakugo) and the other being Kacchan (Deku’s childhood name for Bakugo). I think it’s kinda brilliant that it’s not either of these. I didn’t mind them, but neither name really captures the essence of Bakugo’s absolute nonsense. Ground Zero is too serious for this boy and Kacchan is best left as the name that Deku constantly uses, no matter what, even in the middle of a crisis, even when he himself is beaten into oblivion yet he STILL has to ask if Kacchan is ok.

Look, I know it sounds like I’m going all BakuDeku on y’all but those are actually just facts from the series.

Back to this hero name business. Not only does “Great Explosion Murder God Dynamite” illustrate my love for obnoxiously long anime titles, not only does it ring similar to names that tell you exactly who the hero is (Batman is a man dressed as a bat, Dynamite explodes like Bakugo does), it just … fits perfectly with who Katsuki Bakugo is as a character: a loud, extra as hell, dorky 16-year-old.

I think fandom focuses so much on his literally explosive personality that they forget that this is a child who is a straight-up dweeb. He just is! He goes to bed early. He scores high on written exams. Even in his bullying days, he snapped at his friends for goofing off because he wanted to make a good impression during the UA entrance exams. Also, his flippin’ hero costume is so amazingly literal, right down to the grenade gauntlets and the explosion pieces in his hair. I know Deku has the nerdy reputation with his All Might decor and note-taking, but just because Bakugo’s more subtle than having a red, white, and blue bedroom motif doesn’t mean he’s not a nerd, too.

First of all this petty ass boy took the names that got rejected (King Explosion Murder and Lord Explosion Murder) and added the word great as if THAT was the problem. I’m pretty sure folks have a problem with MURDER, but Bakugo don’t care, don’t @ him, murder stays. Oh, and instead of king or lord this mf-er added GOD, then had the audacity to make the name LONGER.

Of course, I have to address “Dynamight” which is obviously a shout out to All Might (and yes, dynamite explodes, yadda yadda yadda BAKUGO YOU NERD not even Deku has a hero name that honors All Might OMG!). This homage to All Might makes perfect sense, after all, not only did Bakugo idolize him as a kid, he felt immense guilt for All Might’s retirement, so it makes sense that he’d want to incorporate the name somehow.

I guess I’m just surprised that everyone else is surprised that Bakugo’s hero name is silly. I admit, he’s got a convincing bark, but when you step back and really look at him you realize that he is, without a doubt, that kid you LARP with who has the most longwinded, self-serving name in existence.

Deku’s gonna love it … but still call him Kacchan because his brain can’t process anything else.

Though my personal headcanon dictates that this is totally a name from their childhood, back when they collected All Might trading cards, and Bakugo’s been saving it this entire time. Why’d he wait so long? Cuz the extras had to earn it, of course. You don’t reveal your best work right out the gate, you save it for the ultimate reveal, you know, like when you’re in the middle of an all-out heroes vs villains war?

Jesus, even the timing is extra, seriously, why did people think he’d come up with something that wasn’t fantastically over-the-top?

(Image: FUNimation)

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